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Virgo Twins
Jan 22 2011, 08:33 PM

"There will be big changes in these people's lives. Chloe is suffering from postpartum depression and it's much deeper than anyone knows. She feels as though she has nothing to live for. This baby is more of a load on her, as it can be with newborns, and she puts his life - and hers - in serious danger when she tries to take her own life. Kate will take advantage of Chloe's depression. Melanie faces some devastating losses, which I'm sure you can figure out."

Well DAMN! Daniel must be the shit in bed. I mean Kate flippped out and tried to kill Chloe and she kidnapped Daniel and wanted to kill him.

Chloe tries to kill herself and puts the baby at risk that she claims to have always wanted more than anything.

Daniel's love must be like WOAH!!!!!! :sex4:

Like we did not see this Daniel/Jennifer stuff coming. Another woman that is in the hospital that cathces Daniel's eye after he treats her. Seriously he needs professional help, Now I am completly convinced. :seedoc: I mean shouldn't there be something in that oath that doctors have to take about this?
I figure he must be a hot lover, everyone that screws him seem to go out and try to commit hairy carry after he dumps them.

I love Daniel saying Chloe should have trusted him, like he's never participated in an adulterous act, like he's never messed with one woman while dating another, can someone hand this guy a report on his past incidents, he needs to read it. Shit, people call Chloe a slut, Daniel is a slut.

And I'm excited about what's coming for EJ, finally a possible love triangle that doesn't include Sami, really. I've only waited 4+ yrs to see it.
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