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Jan 20 2011, 11:21 PM
Halloween Family
Jan 20 2011, 07:23 PM
Jan 20 2011, 07:16 PM
Halloween Family
Jan 20 2011, 05:06 PM

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I have never seen Nicole in any of the old tapes say anything in Spanish. However, AS is fluent in Spanish, but never hear her say anything either. They should have had her talking to Rafe in his native tongue..except GG is not Latin is he?

I thought I heard AZ' background was Russian? Or was that Nadia? If her real last name is Zucker, I do not see any Latin influence in her background.

Which is funny now to think, since Brandon was fathered by Abe, where is his Latin side? I do not think Faye is Latin. Was Nicoles father Latin? I only hear about him as being the man who forced her to do Porn.
AZ isn't latin but Nicole is because Paul was her father. Brandon is not latin since they made Abe his father but he could have been raised in a latin household but we really don't know how much of the culture made it into the Walkers lives. Nicole has spoken spanish in a recent scene with oldGabby. Gabby told her to go to hell and Nicole told her to do the same. Whether or not AZ can pull off speaking spanish while NL can is a non issue, sometimes siblings differ in that way.

Hmm, I never saw the scene of her speaking Spanish. Still think it would be cool if AS had been able to use her fluency in the language to speak with Rafe or Gabi at some time.

That would have played well into the Robo-Rafe situation. Maybe Robo Rafe does not habla espanol.

I really had no meaning that Nicole's blonde looks mean she could not be Spanish, and cannot fathom how that connection was made. I just was trying to figure out where Latino came in for Nicole. I did not know Paul was Latino.

Now my question is does Arianna Zucker speak fluent Spanish? Telling someone to go to Hell in Spanish is not that hard, I can do that much!
gg doesnt speak spanish but nl doe accent and everything i think it would be cool to hear taylor and nicoel speak spanish
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