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You are right, chooky 54. The 1960's abortion storyline featured Pat Matthews (Susan Trustman, who mistakenly thought aborting Tom's child left her sterile). Fall 1975 storyline (which Harding Lemay wrote after his gay Michael story fell apart) featured Pat's daughter, Marianne (Ariane Munker), who aborted Chris Pierson's (Stephen Yates) baby after he deserted her during her first semester of college. HLM said he was not that invested in the story because his hopes were dashed with the one he planned. That is distressing because the story was excellent- played out over months, no moralizing, no cop outs as soaps were likely to do (marriage, miscarriage). It was, most of all, a family story, affecting Marianne's brother- and her parents, whose marriage ended in part because of everyone's efforts to keep the news from father John Randolph (Michael Ryan). I remember this story vividly- it was real, grown up soap. Lionel Johnston was wonderful as boy next door Mike Randolph; his liberated girlfriend Glenda Toland was played by a a very natural actress- Maia Danziger (still acting today).
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