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Jan 21 2011, 12:33 PM
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You see I think they failed miserably with Carbo and Bope. The angle they SHOULD have taken was to have Lawrence still alive and come back to town with Carly. Then the truth comes out about Melanie and that sort of affects Lawrence and Carly's relationship him, she finds comfort in Bo who is going through issues in his own marriage. That angle could have been way better because Hope could even do that nighttime shit thing and bash Lawrence over the head sending Vivian's revenge wrath against Hope bringing Bo back toward her then. That would intertwine Bo, Hope, Carly, Lawrence and Vivian together in ONE story and then I haven't even mentioned how Mel and Dr. Tan could play into it also. The writers fail to come up with shit that makes sense and things happen and can happen in a marriage without the people in it actually falling out of love with one another or having Bo written so OOC to fit the plot. Bo can react to what Carly was going through with Lawrence and not be indifferent to Hope at all....that is the problem with Dena's writing.
Yeah, which is why this triangle was an epic failure for me.
I understand your feelings on the triangle and I agree with some of them. I do have a question for you though. If Bo was written so badly why do you want Hope to take him back? Is it just because its Bope and you want them together no matter what.
I think you have me confuse with someone else on this board, but i never said that I wanted Bope back together no matter what. I saw Bo and Hope both written OOC prior to Carly return and when Carly did return, I saw Bo written further OOC, and I saw his character being thrown under the bus because the show wanted to pimp the triangle that is Hope/Bo/Carly. I also saw Carly written OOC and thrown under the bus because Carly 1.0 would not be comfortable in living in Bope home, sleeping in Bope bed, and being Bo's mistress while he hasn't finalized his divorce or start the divorce, but she seem perfectly fine with both.

I am not trying to be rude or anything, but the only people or fanbase that I see wanting their couple together no matter in this triangle is mainly the Carbos. As long as Bo got with Carly, it didn't matter how it happened, they were happy because it meant that they got their second chance because they were denied that when CC left in the early 90s. In fact, from what I gathered, and read. Alot of them left when the backstage drama with CC occured with tptb, and RKK. When Carly left and Carbo 1.0 ended, most left. However, I stayed because I don't watch one show for just one couple, I watched for the assemble casts, but with this shitty writing, and the show only focusing on certain characters, which makes me nauseous, and since I find those characters annoying since they are on so much while other characters are wasted, the whole show is not enjoyable anymore; therefore, I only watch for a few characters and maybe one to two couple (s) now.

It doesn't say much because the couples I like are rarely feature or if they are, I get one treating the other like pure crack. Lastly, I am a CC fan first. At the end, I support her, but I am not going to stand by and watch Carly treated like crap by Bo, and be his doormat. Since the NT Hope reveal. Bo has been distancing himself from her. He couldn't tell Carly I love you the two times she said it to him, which are big red flags. I also did not like that Bo had no problem using Carly to avoid dealing with his feelings with Hope and not resolving things before he moved on with her, but I feel that he sort of used her, and now that he has a chance with Hope. Regardless of who breaks it off with who, I think Bo will feel somewhat relieve,but then that happens when you get yourself involve with a married man, and thinking he will leave his wife for you when I have seen men more times than not go back to their wives, and then beg for forgiveness while the mistress is out in the cold.

There won't be good story for Carly if she is always pining away for Bo or if Carly and Bo fans are just thrown a bone or crumbs because ook at the Ejami and Safe triangle, and that is what I call the suck fest of the century. Each of that fanbase couple were thrown a bone and a crumb. It is back and forth, and I rather her be with someone that loves her with their whole heart, and where she can be with a man where she doesn't have to share him with anyone, and if that were Bo, I would root for Carbo, but I don't see that with Bo. Beside, I don't see tptb even giving Carbo a real chance anyway, so why invest in somethng when you won't get any sizable return for your investment, such as your couple being together without the immenent threat that he will want Hope or feel that he made a mistake because that is the future I see for Carbo, just saying.

P.S.: I don't want Carly with Dr. McSkeavies, he needs to step far far far away from Carly, they can be co-parents to Melanie, but that is it. They can be colleague and friends, but that is it too.
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