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dc cubs
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It wasn't a bad promo. Here are a few of my thoughts.

The Melanie/Nathan portion would have been great if we didn't know that Hapka was leaving. Now its like who cares.

I'm warming up to Ejole but knowing that Corday is pushing EJ/Taylor I'm not going to get too invested in Ejole.

Days is going to have a tough sell with me on a Jennifer/Daniel pairing. I'm open to a new relationship for Jennifer but I just don't think Daniel is the right guy.

I noticed most of the couples kissed and Bope only hugged. That scene was screaming for a kiss. I'm not sure what to think of the Bope reunion and this has nothing to do with Carly as I'm glad she's getting her own story. I think in the beginning Bope will be living together for Ciara's sake. They still have tons of issues to work through and I doubt the writers will take the time to solve them. I also think after we see those Bope promo scenes which are probably on the same day that is when Bope goes back to storyline Siberia.
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