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Yeah the "Basement" scene is rediculous. It looks NOTHING like any Basement Stephano has ever had. It looks like the regular Jail cell. Stupid. The Basement set has always had a DOOR, not a cell.. normally Stephano would also torture Rafe with some kind of tv screen so he can deliver messages, and show Rafe video of Sami with Rafe2.... God these writers are Lazy.

Im so not a fan of the whole Jennifer heart story that I cant even comment... And while I think Jen and Daniel will make a 'Beautiful couple' visually... I cant stand the idea of him with her.. I much prefer him getting with Carly which is the only pairing for her that makes sense.

I think they will definately recast Nathan for Melanie.. Nothing else makes sense.. I hope he is a good actor and a real hottie whoever he is.

The EJ/Taylor meeting is silly.. It would make more sense tro have Nicole introduce them instead of redoing the Shelle destiny bump... LOL

I will be very sorry to see Jay leave, Not so much Shelley.. But I want Kayla to have reasons to show up.. so I hope she doe.
As for Bo and Hope,, I dont think that scene was a reunion scene. I dont think that Hope has ever believed Bo does NOT love her.. Its about being "IN LOVE".. And these 2 need to work thru things and find that magic again , But atleast Bo knows that its there... deep down, and he knows where he belongs.
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