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Renee Dimera
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Poor Philece Sampler got such a raw deal when she was cast as Donna. They could have cast Meryl Streep in the role and she just would not have measured up. As so many others have said, Anna Stuart WAS Donna and was simply irreplaceable. Some roles can't be recast.

That said, Days should resurrect Renee Dimera and bring Philece back to the show. She's a powerhouse actress and I'd love to see Renee standing up to Stephano for ruining her life by faking her death and keeping her away from Tony. As a bonus, it could turn out that EJ is Renee and Tony's son, conceived on the night of her "murder." I'd love to see scenes with Mascolo, Scott and Sampler as Stephano tries to explain why he took EJ from his mother and raised him as his own son. The story would mirror what happened to Renee when Lee led her to believe she was her sister rather than her mother. Sins of the father type stuff. Could be powerful and would get James Scott into his own storyline and out of Sami's orbit for a change.
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