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dc cubs
Jan 26 2011, 01:03 PM
Jan 26 2011, 12:56 PM
I'm perfectly willing to give NL a chance - I've not seen her in anything else before and she's certainly pretty enough.

Having said that, though - I always find myself reluctant to jump on the band wagon when I'm being 'told' who the root for couple is. If KC had just kept his mouth shut about it and let it play out, I might have been buzzing with excitement. But the very fact that he pronounced their 'enchanted' evening makes me go :huh1:
I agree with you on being told who to root for. Other shows have done this to so its not just Days. The execs are basically telling fans that they don' have a say in the matter and this is who you are supposed to like. That doesn't fly with me and a lot of other soap fans.

I'm willing to give EJ/Taylor a chance but being told that I'm supposed to root for them is already one strike against the couple in my book.
I agree. I HATE Corday telling me who to like. He's done it with Safe, and Jonesed them to the high heavens and they are a one note boring couple IMO. But they definetly get the couple writing.

Having said that, I'm also ready for the character of EJ to move on from Sami, so I'm willing to give this coupling a chance. I've seen NL on GH, and while I don't think she's the best actress to come from GH, I think she's decent. She's every bit as good as some of the hacks we've got on screen now. (GG, MB, CD I'm looking at you)

I'm willing to wait it out for a little bit and see how it all unfolds. I do reserve the right to bitch uncontrollably if they're a flop.
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