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Jan 26 2011, 07:54 PM
One error I found reading the episodes that I found quite funny ...

At the end of episode thirteen the previews say IN TWO WEEKS than you click to go to the next episode and it say three MONTHS later. LoL

ETA: Oops, just noticed where I got confused.
Yep. The series time jumps between arc. For example, there may be a run of 30-50 episodes that all take place in straight time, consisting of what I think of as an arc. Once that specific arc concludes, the series might jump anywhere from a couple of months to several months in the future until the next arc. It moves things along at a quicker pace. Also, a lot of the time notifications at the end of episodes were from the original postings of the series that indicated when the next episode was scheduled to be posted. Meanwhile, the time designation at the BEGINNING of the episodes is in regards to where in FNaF time that episode takes place.

And, yes, in going over these old episodes I'm finding tons of errors scattered here and there. Clearly, my editing skills leave much to be desired (even though I think I proof read those eps 3 and 4 times at the time).
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