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Jan 26 2011, 06:28 PM
I love the EJole stuff. :wub:
Dislike the EJaylor stuff. :frownie:

Me too, I can give EJaylor half a chance but it will be half-hearted {more like a quarter chance} having seen what NL is capable of having watched that travesty GH for years and it is not.very.much. I didn't ship her either time she was on GH nor did I have even the faintest interest in her character which wasn't helped by the fact the she was a recast preceded by the very very talented Amber Tamblyn who did better with the material as a teenager than NL did as a grown up.

I think in the one or two interviews I've seen of NL that she seems like an absolute darling and it would be super to have her on DOOL if only they weren't throwing her into the ring with two of the best young actors on the show. My concern is that not only will Ejole be interupted and thrown under the bus for this crap but also that the disparity in talent will be so glaringly obvious between JS and NL or AZ and NL that it will render the show unwatchable. Kind of like when we try to watch the adorable {but somewhat dead eyed} little girl who plays Ciara act. That little girl has an excuse. she's a little girl and an adorable one at that and she has plenty of time to grow into a well-seasoned actress if she so chooses but NL is an adult already. As someone who has half-heartedly watched NL for years in the hopes of some spark I gotta tell ya.....the hope is gone baby.
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