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Grandpa Hughes
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Jan 27 2011, 12:17 PM
Grandpa Hughes
Jan 27 2011, 11:51 AM
There is some strange reason that we make mistakes which, if someone else was writing, we'd pick right up on it! It used to drive me nuts in school when I'd be up all night writing a paper and someone would point out an error! Even when posting, I've noticed (usually after it's already up) that I've written "they're" or "there" when of course I know it's supposed to be "their"! Anyway, I'm really enjoying this stuff Matt (not discussing spelling errors)! One thing I've always loved are "bad girls" and troublemakers and I love when there's more than one on the canvas! Joyce is a great character! You've put your heart and soul into this and it shows!
I love throwing little "Easter Eggs" into episodes. I think I mentioned a Dr. Hardy & a Dr. Hughes in a hospital scene, once. Also, there's a big wedding at some point where I tried to work in as many soap titles into the vows as possible. Then there's a 1936/Arc2 character named Donna Allison who's from Madison. And if Judith's relationship with her father sounds familiar, it's no coincidence. I think a young Bette Davis would've made a wonderful Iris Carrington...
ABSOLUTELY where BD/Iris is concerned! I picked up a few like Dr Fred Rutherford! I wonder if he has a son named "Lumpy"?! I'm putting my money on Dr Fred as Annabelle's murderer! And I can honestly say that the scene with Grace and Louise moved me more than the Liz Foster death scenes on Y&R! Good stuff! And will Donna kill herself and frame her rival for murder? ST ELSWEHERE was good for dropping character names from old shows in discussions!
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