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Yeah for any long running show they deserve a proper finale.

Roseanne is one of my all-time favorite shows ever. I can watch it over and over again and still laugh my ass off. Very well written and believable. Sometimes it was a stretch of the imagination but still very realistic for the time.

The last season was such a downer compared to the first several seasons. I think a lot of it had to do with Disney coming into ABC. I definitely feel Roseanne became more watered down as time went on, likely due to Disney's influence. They still got away with a lot but it was clearly a different show (the first five seasons maintain great writing and quality, IMO).

I also didn't really enjoy Sarah Chalke as Becky simply because they reduced the character to an empty headed blonde who basically made cameo appearances in each episode. Every once in a blue moon they would actually give Becky a storyline. What a waste.

I loved Darlene but felt they dragged on the bitchy goth portion of her for far too long. She was sometimes very unlikable.
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