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Jan 31 2011, 10:50 PM
I dread NL as just the short clip i saw of her interacting with AZ was cringe worthy. I could care less about anyone else she is paired with but she better not ruin my enjoyment of EJ. I see this being a big disaster as Safe. Sami is god awful now and I don't want the same thing for Ej. I don;t like Nicole but at least she and EJ can hold their own in scenes together but i question if NL can after just watching a couple clips. she is new so maybe its just nerves but I hate cutesy little girl voices and she was really off
I totally agree with you on this!!! NL as Taylor is horrible. She sounds like some fake Disney princess with that voice. I only pray that she doesn't become the female RAFE-- all saintly and good, with a golden vagina to boot! From the looks of it, Taylor is going to be painted as a "goody goody" with a manipulative streak. Perhaps that's what EJ is attracted to, since Sami is very much the same way.

If I were Nicole, I'd tell her to get lost immediately.
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