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So far Im not impressed with the Taylor character, even Though I like NL alright. But like others I dont like the cutesy voice, and the almost 'timid' needy demeaner.... Not a fan of that writing at all.

I thought the Ejole scene looked good, and frankly I hope they move forward here.. get married, and if EJ has hidden feeling that start to develop for Taylor so be it. But this also gives us the Ejole connection as well.

As for the Bope scene I dont think the scenes really portray what they imply. I think Hope hugs Bo when she finds out she will go free, then she thanks him for all he did to help her and he tells her ofcourse.. He loves her. But he has ALWAYS held on to that, He never once ever said he didnt love her.. So Im just hopeful that it will be the beginning of regaining trust, take things slow, and maybe even get counseling.. but they could alsowork things out the old fashioned way and let it all work itself out in time and they fall naturally back inlove and into eachothers arms.. but at a slow and reasoinable pace, So that the real reuinion is giving us anticipation.
Like in the old days when someone was in a Coma it lasted months sometimes so they could build up tyo a big moment... Now peeps are near death on Friday, cured by Monday, released in full form on tues/Wed... No Doubt Jennifer will be up and about after her ordeal within a week of her heart taking a trip around Salem without her.
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