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Miss Rhi
Feb 6 2011, 04:45 AM
Feb 6 2011, 01:23 AM
IMO, what I think might be a lot better is a Rep system. I'm not exactly sure how they work, but I've seen them in other places. If you like a particular post, you give the poster positive rep points which then accumulate to increase their reputation level. Likewise, you can give negative rep points which accumulate to *decrease* their reputation level. It essentially amounts to little more than a popularity contest, but if I come across a post by SuzieQ and see she's got an obcenely high positive rep count, it tells me that she's rather highly regarded. If I see RobbieRob post and he's got a extremely high negative rep count, it tells me that this person is pretty much a disliked shit stirrer and to ignore him. lol
I found something kind of like a rep system but it doesn't seem to have a feature to decrease reps. Hopefully it shows up in IE.... :P
My problem with that is I can actually see that contributing again to fanbase wars, though heaven knows they seem impossible to avoid in the Days section (or what Mason so eloquently calls the "cuckoo's nest"--yes, I know, I post there too). I can already anticipate there will be people whose posts I personally find pointless at best who can end up accumulating lots of positive points and get some sort of "elite" status because the circle jerk posters they run with will "vote" for each and every post no matter how inane. Now I suppose I could vote "against" their posts but I'd really rather just ignore them.

I guess I don't really see the benefit of allowing other posters to inflate some posters' value on the site. I already know which longer-term posters I respect and which ones I don't and with new ones it usually doesn't take long to figure out which category they fall into.
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