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Grandpa Hughes
Feb 12 2011, 04:28 PM
I caught up on a few episodes and thought it was vastly improved over the last time I'd watched! Of course that could be called "damning with faint praise"!
Hi'Ya :wave: Grandpa!

Ur Right! Their has been some great moments lately,Problem is tha' MINDBOGGLINGLY INCONSISTENCIES! too the point you forget a s/l existed case & point Jeff & Kevin LongSharkShit, Dude walk's in with the chihuahua pup I'm thinking why one of the Sopranos guys on here, I Really Forgot about that storyline.
Take Cane Cattle Mob :thumbsdown: Okay! they bring the Great Tristan Rogers (Colin) in but DAYUM we waited what almost 2yrs for that forever Gaping Hole of Story to make sense & What ah'FAIL with Paul Leyden (Blake) another plot insertion that made things worse, Mabitchiebell brings all this Great Talent to canvas only to disintegrate them which leaves certain viewers like myself feeling very little impact regarding the storytelling, makes no dang on sense.
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