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Sheffer can be AMAZING as he was in the first half of his ATWT run! I remember MAB doing some GREAT work on B&B in the '90s and even Scott Hamner was writing some good stuff at PORT CHARLES before a couple of ladies swooped in and turned the show upside down! Y&R was certainly not perfect when Jack Smith was running things but they went to Hell on a greased pole when Latham and Bloom got in there! When Mab first arrived, I was thrilled that the show had some of it's old flavor back but my excitement was short lived! Of course I blamed Rauch for the majority of problems and I still think he called more shots than people think! I'd like to see what would happen if MAB stepped back from the typewriter and just became EP and if Sheffer and Casiello could write the show the way they did at ATWT! That was some pure soap opera with great writing IMO!
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