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Feb 12 2011, 09:19 PM
Sheffer can be AMAZING as he was in the first half of his ATWT run!

I always heard that from ATWT fans, but how long is he gonna get credit for whatever went down at ATWT early in his run when he's been a fucking disaster everywhere since? Has anyone considered that maybe just maybe he shouldn't have gotten credit for whatever good happened under his watch in the first place?
I don't agree. First of all, the last three years of his run on ATWT weren't as good as his first two, but there will still many bright spots. Second, his time on DAYS gets a lot of crap, but it was the last time I actually enjoyed the show (plus, we know how much his work got screwed with over there, anyway). Third, I will never understand why some people call him a misogynist when he's clearly not. He's written plenty of empowered women.

I'm not saying he's anywhere near perfect and I know that he has his fair share of flaws as a writer, but a lot of people make him out to be way worse than he really is.
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