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MAB was more than just a breakdown writer at the time I'm posting about! She was reported to be the one behind Stephanie's stroke/amnesia/homeless story! Since that was 20 years ago, I don't even remember where I read it or whether it's true! In any case, she had Papa Bell propping her up back then! Sheffer supposedly did some misogynistic writing at DAYS but I quit watching just before his time there! I thought his early Y&R stuff was misogynistic but I can't actually say who wrote what back then and it was part of the general "dumbing down" of many female characters! He was no misogynist at ATWT though! At least not before I dropped the show! He had some strong storylines for Barbara, Carly and Emily! PLUS he was the last writer to give Nancy, the matriarch of the show, the spotlight with a 'sort of' romantic interest who was much younger! They went the science fiction route with the spa story and I said "Seeeya!"! I was worried that with Rauch and Sheffer both at Y&R, we'd get time warp stories, aliens, clones etc.! But LML came the the closest to that foolishness with Indiana Carlton and his "killer thighs"! I'm not saying we're seeing Chaucer quality writing on Y&R, but it seemed to be improved! Since I wrote that "vastly improved" post, I have seen days when the suckage was as bad as it's ever been! So I retract the word "vastly"!
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