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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

SOD: “Rafe” Targets Allie

Faux Rafe and Stefano conspire to get rid of Allie as punishment for the real Rafe trying to escape from his prison. “That hits a soft spot for Rafe”, says Galen Gering (Rafe). “He freaks out. He can’t believe they would do something like that. He can’t believe that there are people like that in the world.”
But the imposter feels it’s all in a day’s work. “This is the job he signed up for,” notes Gering of Rafe’s doppelganger. “It’s not like he plans to do something to her, he is just helping to get her out of the picture. She is a brat. He’ll do whatever he has to do.”
EJ gets wind that something is up between his father and the double and secretly urges Kate to call Lucas and have him send for his little girl. Kate does, and Lucas wants his daughter in Hong Kong, ASAP.
Meanwhile, the real Rafe plots another escape. While Stefano is at the wedding the real Rafe steals a guard’s cell phone and tries to call Roman, but is foiled. “He’s all drugged up and in this weakened state,” points out Gering. “Ultimately, they take Rafe out of the picture and it’s just Rafe II, because the real Rafe is trapped and what can he do? Rafe is completely tortured.”

Thanks to Forbidden Love for the information: http://s9.zetaboards.com/ejami_fans/topic/7265212/1/


Stefano and EJ each have their own reasons for wanting Allie out of the picture, but what will they do to make the girl vanish?

Joe Mascolo says, "Stefano would never hurt a child. But he certainly will try to screw up her family!”

And things get even more screwy after EJ berates Rafe2 for beating up Rafe1. EJ reminds him that he is the one calling the shots. Nicole walks in on the argument, but EJ quickly covers. Later EJ observes the close relationship between Johnny and Allie. Stefano and Rafe2 also have their eyes on Allie. They decide to kidnap Allie as punishment for Rafe1's attempted escape. Stefano likes the added bonus of the pain it will cause Sami. "Stefano's idea is that you want someone like Samantha to suffer. But it isn't that they're going to hurt Allie. That is never in any way a part of it.”

EJ isn't happy to hear about this plan. James Scott says, "Let's just say that EJ's experience with kidnapping children hasn't worked out very well for him in the past.”

Stefano isn't too happy when EJ expresses his reservations. Says Mascolo, "What the hell is the matter with EJ? Where is Elvis' mind? But Elvis is thinking on a decent level. He doesn't want to bring too much pain to people, and neither does Stefano. But when you come to Stefano and say, 'Look, I have a problem,' Stefano, with his insights, comes up with a way of doing stuff. This is how the thing with Rafael happened. Stefano comes up with the ideas that work. Poor Elvis has had one idea after another, and they've all gone in the toilet.”

They eventually reach a solution. Allie will be whisked out of town unharmed - although Stefano wouldn't mind if other think something far more sinister. "Stefano could say [he wants Allie to disappear] in a way to torment whoever he's saying it to, because they'll think, 'He's going to hurt this child!' But that's never ever in his mind at all.”
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