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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: "Rafe" Targets Allie / SOW: Stefano and EJ want Allie to disappear
Please write 4 Bryan Dattilo, Give him a love interest.

This is a bunch of bull shit. Ej doesn't want to being to much to people, yet he is torturing his son and daughter's mother by making her sleep with a man who is not her husband and keeping the real husband liked up and thinking that harm is coming to his wife and STEP children?
Another Horton gone, just what does Tomlin have against Horton's anyways or is he just a prick? Yes, it is good that they acknowledge Lucas is Allie's dad.
Ej is doing the decent thing, where, he is still keeping a man prisoner and tormenting the mother of his children.

Tomlin seriously can't come up with better then this. The guy is a turd. Ej is a dick wad.
Stefano is a major ass hole.

Sami and Rafe are being tortured by Stefano and Ej. What right do they have to control Sami's life by keeping her from her husband?

I want Bryan Dattilo and little Allie on set.
Tomlin is a big fuck turd for taking off everyone we know and love. What a total,total asshole.
I should not have read this article.
It set off my potty mouth again. :scared:
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