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Feb 17 2011, 09:41 PM
I really didn't care for Joe Mascolo's comments here. I'm not sure what it was. He seemed desperate to insist that Stefano would never hurt a child, which, I mean...whatever. He shouldn't feel the need to defend his character as much as he did. And it kinds of annoys me that he completely ignored emotional harm. I mean, if he and the show would admit that screwing with a child's family is harmful to a child, then there would be a wonderful opportunity to make a connection between what Stefano did to Sami's family that contributed to the kind of person she is now. Aside from that, I'm really getting tired of them giving away the entire story in these articles. Do they do this with other shows? Is it the magazines, the individual shows, or the actors that are doing this. It needs to stop.
I thought the same thing about the insistence that Stefano would never hurt a child - but I got the same vibe from GG's comments about R2. I came away thinking the show is getting a lot of flack for constantly putting the kids in such dire straights (Zach's death, Ciara's kidnapping, Johnny's eye cancer) so they put the word out to the actors being interviewed to make it abundantly clear that Allie is never in any physical danger. But it definitely came off as heavy handed.
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