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I hated the premiere.

I hate that we didn't see 80% of people. We didn't even get their intro lines. We only got like 3 or 4 of them. Which was lame. Last season was such a nice season, editing-wise. So far, judging by the premiere, editing sucks.

Kristina is so stupid. OMG! Who wants to play immunity idol right on the first TC?! Who does that?! At least Francesca was smart enough to point out that even if they did it, they would be left alone and in minority. And I still don't understand why they HAD to align with Philip. He was clearly a loose cannon from the get go. They've made too many mistakes. They deserve to leave. Although I kinda liked Francesca.

I also hate that they brought Russell and Rob back. I love Rob. Always have and always will. But enough is enough. On the flip side, I hate Russell and always will and him being on THREE times just hurts. It's three times too many.

And of course Russell's team wins. Yuck. I bet next week we'll get a bunch of Russell's bragging.

I am glad that some people in Russell's team know he's aligned to Stephanie and I hope they vote him or her off ASAP just to ruin his plans.

Hidden Immunity Idols have become a joke.

Oh and I don't mind Redemption Island. They did it two years ago in Serbian Survivor and it was great. BUT I hate that they told them in advance about it. Part of the awesomeness in Serbian Survivor was to see everyone's reactions to arriving to the Island, finding someone else there, realizing they would have to fight that person to stay and then of course reactions of everyone when someone returned.

I don't know what to say to Probst's predictions on this being one of top 5 seasons. For now I can't see that happening.
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