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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: "Rafe" Targets Allie / SOW: Stefano and EJ want Allie to disappear
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Feb 20 2011, 08:02 PM
I am so sick of Sami's kids being in danger. I wouldn't mind at all if Allie left, even if she is another Horton gone. I just don't care anymore. If DAYS is going to keep bringing babies on to the show, they need to use them as other plot points than just putting them in danger constantly. In the past five years we've had Zack dying, Claire's liver failure/kidnapping, Theo getting autism, Grace dying, Sydney switched/kidnapped/death faked, Ciara kidnapped, Johnny's cancer/eye removal, Parker left alone in a smoke-filled room and now Allie being targeted by a step-daddy clone... It's sick! I really wish the writers could find other ways to have stories involving kids without killing them or coming close. It's enough already.
I agree. Days has used these kids so much it is ridiculous. I don't care if EJ is getting Allie out of harm's way, they are all damaging these kids emotionally. Great, Johnny has his eye surgery and now gets his prosthetic eye so let's jerk his twin sister away from him. They are obviously close and want to be with each other. Now, Johnny is left with meglomaniac Stefano, EJ who is holding a man prisoner in the basement, Nicole who kidnapped his sister, and Sami, who is a train wreck. Wonderful. And Allie is put with her dad thousands of miles away from her brothers and sister and her mother.
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