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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: "Rafe" Targets Allie / SOW: Stefano and EJ want Allie to disappear

Feb 21 2011, 09:42 AM
Feb 21 2011, 09:20 AM
I knew once they dumped Lucas it was only a matter of time until they wanted Allie gone, too. Yeah, I'd let my little girl move to Hong Kong indefinitely. But I forgot! Sammi already did something similar when Johnny and Alli were in Germany with Marlena. For months. With E.J.'s permission! Such crap.

I hate this irredeemable E.J. Didn't he have matching college trust funds set up for Allie and Johnnie and profess many times over how he loved her like she was his own? That lasted as long as whoever he is lusting after. Let that be a warning to all those who think Nicole's love for Sydney (and of course, now Johnny is included) is genuine and lasting. Puh-leese. Kids are just tools in this show. It's sickening.
this makes it sound like spending time with her father is a bad thing......she is long overdue IMO and quite frankly we needed qa reminder of who her real father is with Sami and her 'our' children crap with Rafe and Allie thinking time spent with her father means her mother has given her away......
I know that's what ticks me off. This show makes it sound like a child being away from its mother and spending time with their father is a bad thing. I personally think Allie being away from Sami and spending time with her father Lucas is definitely a good thing. JMO.
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