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Dear Charlie Sheen:

I like you….I really do! From Wall Street to Cadence to Hot Shots, hell Hot Shots Part Deux, you’ve always had a special place in my heart. Furthermore, you have one of the most talented and intense actors of all time as a father, the awesome Martin Sheen!

Because I like you so much, I tried to downplay all the nuttiness but this time, you’ve gone too far….and that disappoints me. Do you have any idea how many out-of-work actors would kill to be in your shoes right now? Shoot, I’m sure your brother Emilio would take over your role if offered, he hasn’t been in anything since The Mighty Ducks #25! When you’re blessed with such talent and willingly choose to piss/puree/Nazi-stomp on it all for the sake of drugs and pussy, it eventually becomes hard for fans to feel sorry for you. Sadly to say, I’m now at that point.

Do yourself a favor; listen to your family and friends and go back to rehab, clean up and beg Chaim/Haim/Ira Levine’s forgiveness…then beg the rest of the cast and crew for their forgiveness. More importantly, think of your beautiful daughters and do right by them. Otherwise, I’ll be watching your obit on ET, Extra, CNN, etc.

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