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Feb 25 2011, 02:41 PM
Two and a Half Men is NOT funny and has never been. It is "cheap" "stupid viewer" funny...it has no quality what so ever.

And what a prick for doing this to probably theh hundreds of people who work for this show, who now are out of work until production is restarted.
So those who like it are "stupid viewers?" Not sure if that is what you meant but I certainly hope not.

I used to like it more than I do now but I know many very intelligent people who enjoy it. It's like a modernized traditional sitcom. It's a show you tune into once a week just for a laugh. It's not intelligent comedy but not everything has to be. Sometimes you just want to watch something fun and just relax. That is what shows like Two and a Half Men are for. Plus, it has a laugh track and, frankly, I (and I know many others feel the same) despise most of the non-laugh track sitcoms. The only ones I honestly like are 30 Rock, The Middle, and Modern Family and two of those three I like simply because they feel like modernized traditional sitcoms about families in real situations. We need more of that.

Anyway, I wouldn't cancel the show and, frankly, CBS would be stupid to do so. The show is still doing extremely well. It's the #1 comedy most of the time. Moving BBT would wreck their clear plans to develop a Thursday night comedy block. All I would do is get rid of Sheen. I think this is one case where most fans would understand and give the show a chance without him. I wouldn't expect this because it may be rather dark but I would kill Charlie off the show. Allan inherits the house. Then, during the funeral reception, some guy shows up claiming to be Charlie and Allan's long lost brother (find some talented comedic actor to play him) and their mother confirms it to be true. The new brother has no place to go so he moves in with Allan and Jake. They can have it be an adversarial relationship or maybe have the brother be like Allan. That way Allan could draw on his experiences with Charlie to open his brother up a bit and help him loosen up. It would basically put Allan in the situation Charlie was in for all these years as he now has his brother living in his house. Lots of potential there.
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