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A couple of years into my tenure on the show, I was spoken to about my increasing size. In a word, I felt humiliated.
I can't remember there ever being a time when Martha Madison looked overweight. Even by Hollywood standards, she always looked slim to me.

Why is it that Ken Corday will talk to Martha about her "increasing size" but he won't talk to Kristian Alfonso about the fact that she looks like an anorexic rotting corpse? Why won't he talk to Molly Burnett about the fact that she's annoying as fuck and she can't act worth a damn? (A far more important gripe, IMO.) Why won't he talk to Lauren Koslow about the fact that her purple hair is hideous and she's starting to look like the Cat Lady with all that botox in her face?

Did he ever have the "weight" conversation with Patrika Darbo? Or heaven forbid, Ali Sweeney? (FYI, I realize it might not have been Corday who talked to Martha about her weight, but I doubt Wyman or Scott would've gone to her about it unless Corday prompted them to.)
I got criticism about the fact that I looked waaaay too old to play the character I was hired to play. Lust let me say that I was 27 when I was hired for that job. TWENTY SEVEN IS NOT OLD, PEOPLE!!
It always annoyed me when people said Martha was too old to play Belle. I mean, why? Because she didn't walk around like a chirpy pre-pubescent chipmunk flipping her hair all the time? Because she didn't have the high-pitched dolphin voice of a 9-year old boy whose balls hadn't dropped yet?

The only people who complained about Martha's age were people who started watching Days in 1999 at the ripe age of 11 because they saw their Disney idol ("OMG ZENON!") on the screen and they just had to watch. When Kirsten left, they all had meltdowns because a piece of their childhood was taken away and they couldn't cope with her departure. They were like the teeny boppers who flipped their lids when Leah Remini was cast as Mark Paul Gosselaar's new love interest on Saved By the Bell. "OMG who's this new fat bitch?! Zack can't love her! He loves KELLY! Leah's too old! Morris & Kapowski 4-eva!" Yawn.

Kirsten was a terrible actress and I threw a party when she left. She stunk up the show for years. Martha was a huge upgrade, IMO. No, she didn't have chemistry with Jason Cook but why was that the most important factor? Why was "Shelle" the be-all, end-all of the universe? Because Ken Corday said so? Because he spent so many years hyping them as the next big supercouple that he would rather them be written out altogether than be played by "fakes?" In that case, where was he when Stephanie Cameron and Steve Wilder were cast as Jack and Jennifer?
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