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As for the age thing, I agree with Lysie. The problem was that they placed Martha in the middle of the 'former teen scene' crew which included Jason Cook and Farah Fath. Martha looked much older than they did! It wasn't that Belle couldn't be aged, it was that she wasn't being aged. I remember watching one scene with Martha and Farah and thinking that Martha looked like she should be Farah's older sister or something.

Regarding her weight, I think the EP (Wyman or Ed Scott) would have made the comment, depending on the timing. The only time I noticed she'd gained weight was right before she left, when they were dressing her in very smocky dresses that made me think she might be pregnant irl. I don't think Patrika D'Arbo is a fair comparison. They clearly hired her to play an overweight character, and they were making a statement by pairing her with Kevin Spirtas. They hired Martha to be a sexy attractive younger female, and if they felt that she wasn't anymore, then it would have been their place to say something about it. It's terrible and degrading and all those things, but since they hired her to play that role, I feel it is within their rights to say something.

The hair extensions - yeah, what Kenny said. I've heard many cast members discuss that TPTB needed to give their ok to drastic physical changes. (LK and Ali even discuss whether TPTB like or do not like their choice of nail polish.) Again, it all boils down to the fact that actresses are being hired in part to look a certain way physically. If Martha wanted her hair extensions out NOW, she should have discussed that with TPTB first.

Martha doesn't sound very happy in life lately... I hope she gets another acting role, but if she does, I hope her negativity doesn't follow her there.
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