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Put it this way... Lorre may have earned the right to be a little prick-ish at times. Ya, I do think the vanity card thing went a weeeee bit over the top, but considering what Chuck's put up with in his Hollywood career.... still, I don't think I'd air laundry like that in a one-second vanity card. People DO pause their TVs to read those cards.

I know if we read the behind the scenes story of the TV industry, almost everything would be much more interesting than what's actually put on the screen. :)

And Mitch, I knew you weren't directing anything at me. I'm a longtime Men viewer, I've watched it since the show came on, but I'm looking at Sheen now and going "Uh, Jon, Angus, Concetta, Holland, etc., you MIGHT want to look for other work..."
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