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Feb 28 2011, 05:46 PM
The King's Speech grossed more domestically and worldwide than Black Swan and The Social Network. What else do we use to judge a mainstream following other than box office gross? The critics also loved the film as much, and if not more so than the other two mentioned.

A film like Inception never stood a chance, it's not the type of film Hollywood honours, and sadly, Toy Story 3 being animated counts against it - when it probably was better than all the nominated films this year.

The Oscar's are all politics, like any award show. Outside of some popular films being nominated like Toy Story 3, they almost never give awards to films that have had a big popular following. The Oscar's are all about campaigning for films, as I doubt most of the Academy watches all these films.

The King's Speech scored well with critics and Hollywood insiders. I may not have been a big fan of it, but it was by no means one of the worst judged films last year. The reviews were very strong, and the film did gain an audience judging by the gradual box office response.
I get all that but I don't get why there has to be campaigning. Yes, award shows are all politics but so much of the Oscar's comes down to who had a better campaign when it should be about what voters felt was the best movie of the nominees. Other awards shows aren't that blatant (well, maybe the GG are but that's it). That is what angers me and I know it angers many others too. The Oscar's will never be relevant when junk like The King's Speech wins. No one cares. It did better than some usually do at the box office but that isn't saying much. No one will remember it and I always thought a best picture winner has to be something that will be remembered. Something that maybe elevated a genre or the industry. It needs to make an IMPACT. You can't make an impact if your not seen and, let's face it, most of the films that win don't get seen. Hell, before they expanded to 10 films, most of the nominees in the best picture category were films that were hardly seen. You can't make an impact if hardly anyone sees your movie. Think back to movies like Gone With the Wind, Citizen Kane, Titanic, On The Waterfront, etc. People actually SAW them. They stand the test of time. That is why I loved what Spielberg said. To me, if a best picture winner is forgotten a few months later by the bulk of the public, how is that right? I know the best film hardly ever wins or even gets nominated. I'm not saying that the best picture winner has to be do $300 million at the box office but there just needs to be less bias in the process. Get rid of campaigning. Just let the voters vote and leave it at that like other awards shows do. Obviously, you can't help the behind closed doors politics but the other campaigning is ridiculous and not needed. It just undermines everything.

And the fact that a film like Toy Story 3 being animated counts against it represents everything wrong with the process. If something is good, it's good. Who cares if it's animated or live action?

Something has to change or else it will be the same out of touch nonsense year after year.
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