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I have wonderful memories of 'Love is a Many Splendored Thing.' Andrea Marcovicci has performed in my area many times, but, alas, my health issues have prevented me from seeing her. The last time, I actually had tickets for one of her performances, and, ironically, it was my wife who ended up in the hospital (with emergency gall bladder surgery) -- see above post.

Bibi Besch graduated from the same high school as my mother.

Meredith Baxter has come out (no pun intended) with a new book that details the spousal abuse she suffered at the hands of her former husband and co-star David Birney. i remember the series so well, 'Bridget Loves Bernie,' where the two met. It was quite controversial back in the day...a Catholic girl marrying a Jewish guy, I was brought up Catholic and enjoyed the show tremendously.

Of course, I love David Birney since we happen to share the same birthday.

I've always been keenly sensitive to domestic violence issues. A dear friend of mine was a victim of domestic violence and, sadly, spent 8 years in state prison. One night, her boyfriend had his hands wrapped around her neck in a bar, threatening to kill her. Both had been drinking. They went home, my friend blacked out, and when she came to, she found her boyfriend stabbed to death.
She, initially, thought that it was a suicide and told the police. Sadly, it was not ruled a suicide, and my friend was arrested. To this day, 13 years after this terrible night, my friend does not remember the incident at all. She does remember fearing for her life, and was convinced that she was going to end up dead.
She had been with this guy for quite some time. He was a volunteer fireman and his nickname was 'Hot Pie' because he liked pizza.
As any Psychology book will tell you, most domestic violence cases will involve a person who goes from one violent situation to another. My friend, as it turns out, fits the psychological mudel to a tee. We all remmember the late Farrah Fawcett's chilling performance in the TV movie 'The Woman in the Burning Bed,' in which her husband set the bedon fire with her in it. Well, the same thing happened to my friend when she was with her (first) husband.
So, I am aware of domestic violence.

We may never truly know what happened to Meredith Baxter and David Birney. None of us are privy to what goes on behind closed doors. On one hand, I want to side with David Birney, but his silence, so far, about Meredith's upcoming book speaks volumes. Meredith has always portrayed strong women in all her TV and TV movie roles, so, I find it a little bit hard to believe that she was not as strong in real life.

I will buy the book and make my determination then.

We shall see...

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