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From Paleyfest...

New in Season 4? "Gary Cole, witches, more humans, a handful of more shifters, a new werewolf, a couple more humans... and a child," says Alan Ball.

The theme for Season 4? Duality of existence? Man vs. Nature? The terrors of intimacy? "It's just True Blood," says Ball. "An escapist, emotional, terrifying journey."

A scene from Season 4 reveals that Pam, Jessica and Hoyt will team up against a group of rowdy vampire haters. It's now "a post-Russell Edgington world."

Is Alcide still hung up on Debbie? "She's still alive and at large so you never know," says Joe Mangianello.

Can Lafayette trust Jesus? "You can never trust anyone too much," teases Kevin Alejandro.

How long can Hoyt and Jessica expect to be happy? "The fairytale can't go on forever, but maybe reality is better," shares Deborah Ann Woll. "Hoyt's mom remains awful."

Rene and Arlene's baby is, in fact, evil... but not a vampire. Says Preston, "The last we left it, her baby was on board, and that problem grows exponentially."

What happens with Jason? "He should not be looking after an entire village of meth addicts," cracks Ryan Kwanten.

Will Andy be on V? "A lot of V came into the station toward the end of last season. And you know, that's where he works!"

Will Sam find love this season? Shares Trammell, "I got another shot. I'm at bat again!"

Where did Tara go at the end of Season 3? According to Rutina Wesley, "You'll find out early on where Tara went." Also, "We'll see a new Tara. A lot more stable. She might find some happiness."

When Eric returns, he's a lost man. Literally. He loses his memory because "he messed with the wrong people," shares Alexander Skarsgard.

"Eric doesn't know who he is anymore. The powerful character he was is just gone. Thousands of years of human resentment... gone." Alexander Skarsgard says the change has been "a blast."

Rutina: "I'd love to see some Tara and Pam action." Alan Ball: "You will."

How does the bite-off between Bill and Sophie Anne end? No one's saying. "It's not just the two of them involved," Alan Ball says.

Now that Sookie has joined Claudine, can she control her microwave fingers? "No, but she's new to this fairy stuff," shares Paquin.

Gary Cole and Fiona Shaw will guest star this season. According to Alan Ball, Shaw will play "a witch, among other things."

Are Bill and Sookie toast? Shares Ball, "That betrayal is so deep I don't think there is any way back from that. Hopefully we'll have 17 more seasons."

There are definite plans to bring back the King, played by Dennis O'hare. "He is gonna be PISSED!" teases Ball.

Will True Blood accurately portray Wicca? "The way into the witchcraft story is through a circle of wiccans... but there is a more evil force. We've tried to preserve the traditions of Wicca as much as we can."
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