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I know Chris Jericho,Kristie Alley,Ralph Macchio well I not sure who to root for the lineup for this spring lineup for DWTS doesn't sound as interesting as it did before. I am pretty sure Chris Jericho will have all the TWA,WWE,TNA wrestling fans backing him for hes a wrestler/Author/Actor/Singer and Chris has a huge following,Kristie is awesome actress and has a huge following and has been both in tv and in movies,Ralph Macchio he was the played in three Karate Kid movies and maybe a few other movies as well and has a huge following as well,Lil Romeo is a rapper and he will have a huge following as well.

Some of the people I would love to see on the Fall line up for DWTS for Season 13 would be Steve Valentine,Stephen Full,Greg Baker or Logan Miller from Disney's I'm in the Band any of these guys would truly rock on DWTS for ABC's Disney star pick for the DWTS stars line up I love that show and would love to see one of these guys in the DWTS line up preferable Steve Valentine first then it would be a toss up between Stephen Full,Logan Miller and Greg Baker these guys would be awesome for sure on DWTS.

I would also love to see after Chris Jericho,John Cena,Dwayne Johnson the Rock,Hulk Hogan,Steve Austin,Triple H these guys would rock the house,For television show either John Stamos,Bob Saget,Dave Coulier,Lori Loughlin from full house, Kevin Sorbo would be great as well, Teri Hatcher from Desprate House wives and who also use to be Lois Lane on Lois and Clark, Holly Combs,Allysa Malano,Danny Pintaro,Tony Danza, Ty Treadway,Chuck Norris,Jackie Chan would be really cool as well Mathew Lawerence,Joey's Lawerence's brother,ABC should bring Jimmy Kimmel on DWTS as well Marc Mcgrath,David Tutera Selena Gomez,Drew Seeley,any one of the Jonas brothers Nick,Joe come on DWTS movies Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart,Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray,Dan Akroyd,Steve Martin,Mr.T,Sylvester Stalone, John Travolta,even the guys from the TV's shoe series on Disney the Imagination Movers might be cool as well anyone of those guys are that play the Imagination movers would also rock the house. How about since they brought on Florence Henderson they bring on Christopher Knight or Barry Williams,since he was featured in one of the segments. Jim Carrey would rock as well.

These are the two shows I love on the Disney channel they are I'm in The Band,Imagination Movers. Music Bruno Mars,David Bowe,Will Smith,Jay Z,Kelly Clarkson,Justin Guarini these are just a few but I am sure I can think of a few more as well If some of these choices have already been on DWTS ABC can skip over the ones that have already been on if I named some that have already been on but these are just few I can think of that would be really great.
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