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As a Bay watcher, I watch The Bay improve from week to week. It's not perfect, but I like to watch it and see how it gets better with each episode.

One of the most intriguing things about it is the casting.

I mean, The Bay honestly has some of the biggest names in daytime over the past couple of decades and they keep pulling rabbits out of their hats. Now, not only do they have some of my very favorite Days players in Mary Beth Evans, Charlie Shaughnessy, Matt Ashford, and Martha Madison, they also have Nicholas Coster, Lane Davies, and Jed Allan from Santa Barbara. They have Lesli Kay from B&B, ATWT, and GH. They have Real Andrews from GH, too...and OLTL and Dr. Quinn alumni Joe Lando. They have Jackie Zeman coming soon. They have Brody Hutzler, Lily Melgar, and Tristan Rogers.

Every time I turn around, they're casting someone else I love. I watch The Bay for my favorites, of course, but I do like to watch its development.

Just waiting for next season now. I think it starts filming again in April.

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"The Bay" casts Jed Allan...He'll play Lane Davies' father AGAIN! · Web Soaps Discussion