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Viewing Single Post From: Y&R Spoilers + A Possible Nick & Sharon Reunion?
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Mar 10 2011, 08:22 PM
Scott Hamner is full of shit.

They turned Sharon into that hot mess and she's not stronger now. He's right people look at Sharon differently because she's the town mattress and town idiot. So they can stop pimping that whole Sharon is strong because she's never been worse. Shick haven't been in high school in a long time. Does he forget they were married for 10 years and weren't even high school sweethearts they got together in college. This show is totally bypassing history.

I don't ever want a Shick reunion under this regime. These writers can't write for couples and they already did enough damage to Shick.

Just wish they didn't do the Phick/Shick triangle for years. It was pretty pointless since they broke Phick up and Shick up. Did damage to both couples. Teased both fanbases.

Well said! I totally agree. Turning Sharon into the kind of despicable woman who shacks up with her baby's father is a sign of strength? It is a sign that Sharon is in desperate need of psychiatric treatment. Sharon does not come across as strong but rather as a moronic revolting twit who would put her hot to trot feelings for her baby's kidnapper before her baby. And being an insensitive bitch to Ashley or lashing out at Nikki does not signify strenght. That kind of nastiness was always part of Sharon's make up.

They did to get Sharon away from Adam pronto if they hope to save this character. As for a Nick/Sharon reunion as usual Hamner is blowing hot air. He yapps about this kind of stuff all the time and it never materializes.

BTW Nikki finds out about Deacon on tomorrow's US show. And by Monday's US show Nikki is drinking.
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