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I usually just lurk on this board but I had to register to defend Lane. I know they are not popular on this board but I don't think there is any doubt that Lane is extremely popular with the general audience. Most Lane fans don't post on general boards because of the hostility directed at them, they post on the Lane fan board or CK or DG's fan board so posting on general boards is not a good indication of their popularity. There has been a lot of evidence of their popularity and how large their fan base is, people who dislike the coupling just refuse to believe it.

There has been plenty of evidence in many places that demonstrate just how popular lane is and how huge their fanbase is but people who dislike them choose to ignore the evidence, dismiss it or try to explain it away. When Lane wins almost every poll they are included in people claim the polls don't matter, that lane only won because a few fans voted over and over. You have MAB saying Cane was very popular so his death would have more impact with the viewers, so MAB herself knows how popular they are. People in the soap press who, even though they don't like Lane (such as the mods at Daytime confidential), admit that they are extremely popular. These statements are simply ignored by the people who hate Lane. Now you have the fact that Y&R has lost over 860,000 viewers since Cane died, their ratings have dropped EVERY week since Cane died, even when EVERY SINGLE OTHER SOAP ON THE AIR had triple digit increases last week, Y&R was the only soap to decrease in viewership. Since this evidence can't be dismissed or ignored, now they're trying to explain it away. Saying the drop is because of Shadam, or Victor or something else, anything but to admit that they may be wrong, that maybe Lane is actually more popular than they thought.

The fact is Shadam has been going on for months, Victor has been dominating the show for years, The writing has sucked since MAB took over, all the other factors that people put forward to explain the falling rating have also existed for months, and in some cases even years and besides expected fluctuations, Y&R has never lost so many viewers overs such a short period of time. These are not regular ratings fluctuations, Y&R has lost over 800,000 in just the 4 weeks since Cane died. They lost 216,000 the week after he died, 473,000 the week after that, and another 18,000 last week and with these new ratings they've lost another 162,000. Every other soap went up the week of Feb 21-25yet Y&R lost viewers. Obviously more people were watching soaps, they just chose not to watch Y&R.

This also isn't a return to what Y&R's were before the weeks of ratings increases that Y&R had before Cane died. These ratings are new lows for Y&R in the demos and all-time lows in total viewership & this all happened suddenly, over a 4 week span. They didn't fall this badly during the multiple doppelganger stories that everyone hated, or when Shick broke up or when Daisy and Ryder and Lauren were in that awful notShiela story, not during the chipmunk crap storyand a myriad of other god-awful crap that MAB has written during her tenure.

The fact is that as bad as the show has been sucking for months and months, the ratings didn't start falling seriously until 4 weeks ago. The only thing that changed majorly on the show 4 weeks ago is that Cane was killed. The numbers don't lie and the numbers say that viewers started leaving Y&R in droves AFTER they killed Cane. It's not the Lane fans who are in denial, we have the numbers to back up our argument. It's the anti-lane contingent who is in denial of how popular they are.

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