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Mar 14 2011, 12:50 PM
R2 is cracking me up today. When he's not trying to have sex with Sami, he's pretty entertaining.

LMAO that Johnny loves R2.
I'm telling you, this is really funny...the only thing that Ej and Stefano want is for Rafe2 to be able to alienate Johnny and Sydney from Rafe, lmfao, he is actually making them love him more......lmfao....the guy has alienated Allie and I'm sure will pick a fight with Will soon....is he that screwed up that he doesn't realize what he's doing? Or he doesn't give a shit? LMAO

I commend you for sitting through this live. If I had to do that I think I couldn't do it. As it is now, it's hard to get through it with the ffwd ability......
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