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I love Jenn's happiness glow for everyone. Love the Adrienne/Jenn visit. Thank you, Adrienne, for being realistic about family (even though, yeah, this is Jack bashing and not really true). It's just sort of refreshing to see a family member being realistic about another family member, even though said family member is out of character by being that kind of jerk....Does that make any sense?
Hey, you know, I can tolerate Dr. Tan with Carly. I kinda like them together. So sue me.
I want Carly's scarf. I don't want to sniff it, though.
Kinzie's a helluva spitfire, isn't she?
Gabi's brother's a cop. Excuse me while I wipe my International Coffee's Swiss Mocha off my screen.
Tedious and not a productive process, pressing charges. Rather like finding a productive love story on this show.
OK, now I can see Patrick Swayze's bro. Voice is KINDA the same. I can't see him dance, though. Sigh. I wanna see Ghost now.
Salem has one pawn shop? But they can handle a submarine? OK.
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