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So glad to see people discussing ER!

I loved the twists too. I always loved how there was often a twinge of irony often too. For instance, Romano got his arm caught off by a helicopter. Naturally, he has a fear of helicopters. A year later, he tries to face that fear and, shortly after, gets squashed by a helicopter. Also, the aftermath was ironic too with what Kerry did and how people reacted to his death. No one but Corday and maybe Kerry (VERY slightly) cared.

I actually found myself enjoying the last few seasons more than the early ones. I don't know why. The only years I felt were rough were seasons 9-11. I felt like after AE left, the show just struggled to find it's footing and couldn't decide what to do with itself. Not only that but they overdid it on the Africa stuff and I just felt like NW stunk as a lead. Part of it was the crappy Carter/Abby stuff, which they pretty much had to destroy Luka to set up. The show just was so depressing. Plus, you still had some characters meandering that were left over from the AE led group (Corday, Weaver, etc). I felt like once those characters finally were gone, the show found itself and became compelling drama. It re-focused on the ER again. It stopped trying to replace Mark Greene. It had a renewed energy. They found an emotional core in the Luka/Abby pairing, realizing they should've never abandoned that pairing to begin with. Abby became the heart and soul of the show after years of forcing her on people so it was smart to go back to that. Characters like Neela and Morris grew and developed. The only character they totally botched IMO was Pratt. They were all over the place with him right up until his death. What a waste because MP was awesome.
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