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See what I mean about people who don't like Lane completely dismissing, ignoring or trying to explain away evidence of Lane's popularity? The polls, the ratings, people in the soap press and even MAB herself say Lane is very popular but they're not popular on this messageboard so all the other evidence of their popularity is dismissed. Now messageboards are the only measure of popularity that count?

I agree that the show sucks right now. But the show has sucked for months and months if not years, yet the ratings were fine and even increasing. It was only after they killed Cane that the ratings started dropping precipitously. Why is that? If people were gonna tune out because of Shadam or Victor/Newman overload or crappy writing, they would have tuned out months ago and the decline would have been more gradual, kind of like how AMC's ratings loss has been gradual.

Anyway, i know I'm not gonna convince anyone here so I'll just go back to lurking.
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