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I have no idea why Y&R is the highest rated soap anyway. Now, back in the day when Bill Bell was still alive and writing the show, it was definitely must see TV. The characters were stylish, the storylines were riveting, and I was watching everyday.
But, unfortunately the tide has turned in recent years. The show is full of crappy characters and less than stellar storytelling. Now fans are bomblasted with loads of Sharon/Adam, a desecrated Winters family, a cartoonish villain in Victor Newman, a pale imitation of a May/December romance with Nikki/Deacon, etc. I could go on and on why Y&R doesn't deserve the number one spot. And more than that, I think their time slot gives them a slight advantage over the rest. In my time zone, no other show airs when Y&R is on. Before all the other shows like GL/ATWT started dropping like flies, they were competing against other shows that aired in their time slot. For example, DAYS/OLTL/ATWT were all competing for fans during the same hour. So, the pressure was on and is still on for DAYS/OLTL. What does Y&R really compete against, the local news? Not too much competition. I'm willing to bet that if Y&R aired when another soap like GH was on, it would be an entirely different story for them.
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