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Sharon makes no sense. She denounces people one day and then goes to them begging for help. She doesn't want to understand why Nick doesn't want his child around her kidnapper but she expects Nick to let Adam be near Faith.

Whatever has happened to Sharon she has deserved. She shouldn't have gone to Hawaii. Victor never would have been able to set her up in the first place. She should have never fought on a Volcano, she should have let a REAL DETECTIVE do their job instead of taking it upon herself. Sharon's stupidity has put her in the situation that she is in and she's expecting someone to save her. So the whole Sharon is strong...doesn't ring true to me at all. Especially since I've seen Sharon written stronger and smarter by much better writers than MAB and her hack crew.

I wouldn't trust any couple under this writing regime. They don't write well for couples at all. Their so called golden couple Sham has horrible writing. I don't even like them but they have been given crap writing.
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