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Exactly, Amello. So much time in that interview was spent talking down to viewers. Many of their stories haven't worked out well at all and it comes across as defensive. I especially love the notion that Ryan had to go because he was overused. Ryan barely was in any story even when it was supposed to be about him! I also love how he pretends that Viv's and Terry's death was some type of noble experiment. Then there's the part about how the Maceys were deliberately brought in slowly. Even if they were, who cares? They are dishwater dull and can't act worth a damn. Besides, Blyth never did anything with his new families - the Bartons were stuck in tedious non-stories that isolated them, and the Sharmas have at best served as a plot device for other characters.

Blyth did a poor job pacing and setting up stories and an even worse job with new characters, and also failed with most of the veteran characters. Awful stuff like Jackson's accident, a story that never ends and has destroyed any potential ever for Jackson, Aaron, and Jackson's annoying, pointless mother, is a good example of the storytelling. One big stunt and then a slow shrug. They also ruined the Wyldes and their ending was a big anticlimax.

I think November's line about if the original cast had been kept around the show would still be the way it was then says something about their contempt for the true spirit of Emmerdale. Most of those actors left, they weren't fired, but even if they had been, why are you bragging about them being fired? Those episodes are worth ten of anything on Emmerdale in recent years.

This is the new farmhand they have cast. He doesn't do anything for me but maybe it's just the photo.

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