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Mar 19 2011, 09:01 PM
Well, I have now gotten to the part where Gramps spoiled it for me. (Let's not to that again old man!!!) Annabelle Lake is dead, dead, dead. I figure either Fred or this stalker guy (who I assume is Steph's father) is the killer. But I have to say, if it was up to me, I wouldn't be able to resist letting little Maggie Callison do the deed. It would definitely wet my whistle. :)

Then there's the matter of this Joyce. She was Gordon's wife. (Who wasn't this whore married to?) Anywho, Judith has another sparring partner. Hopefully, Joyce is a match for her. I want someone to make her seethe! I admit, I wish I could have been Janet and pushed the rotten wench down the stairs. Dead baby or not. (I hope Lorraine's baby makes it!) Of course, now the dimwit can't remember. How convenient. Oh right, she might have killed Annabelle too. I really, REALLY, hope it's not her. That's too easy.

I can't wait to see what Steph does with her finding out about Helen traipsing around with Mark. The tete a tete's to come will surely be fabulous.

I have no time for Grace and her idiotic theatrics. This bitch just wants her cake and pie and twinkie on the side. HATE!

BOGIE! I love when I see my PERSONAL favourites have been cast. I hope the big boss man, who the Benedicts are working for, is Paul Muni. He just IS those mafioso, King of the Herd type characters to a tee!
One thing about Albanyville, life is never boring.
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