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Reginald is one of those characters who definitely has their good points and their bad points. For the most part, at this point in the story, the good points far outweight the bad points. However, one must remember that I know exactly where the story and characters go between 1935 and 2001, so I'm privy to future events that web readers are not (for example, I can tell you how many times Todd gets married, to whom, and the names of his children and grandchildren). At some point down the road (I refuse to say at which point, be it in months or decades), the scale begins to slide and his bad points start to outweight the good points and he's quite the douche (almost making Dane looks heroic in compairision). Therefore, I felt it was needed to show shadings and forshadowings of such behavior already. Also, I don't think any good, long-standing characters can be all bad or all good. Each good character must have their flaws and each bad character must have their virtues. Depending on the situation and people the charaters interact with is what brings out which aspects of a characters personality.
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