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I disagree where Reginald is concerned. I think the bad points far outweigh the good points NOW! He's like the Ryan Lavery of For Now and Forever. I could only imagine how much more I'll grow to despise him.

I hope you don't take it as a major slight at all. I mean, I greatly enjoy or am at least indifferent to everybody else. But Reginald, he just is completely bothersome.

Changing topics, I hope this isn't the last we hear of Helen Van Dyne. Jean Harlow is my favourite actress of all time and I know due to her tragic and untimely death in the middle of 1937 you couldn't have her around much longer. However, I do hope we can get one last little treat with her. Or maybe in honour of Harlow you can mention Helen having become successful in some sort of way. :)
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