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Today's episode, #132, is now posted.

an excerpt:

"What do you mean you remember?" Janet Stokes asked nervously as she struggled to keep her voice from shaking. "Remember what?"

"I remember what happened!" Judith Linford repeated coldly, her eyes still locked on her sister.

"But, I...I thought that you'd blocked everything from that night out of your memory." Janet quickly looked from Judith to Burt and grew even more nervous when she saw how closely he was listening to Judith's every word.

"Oh, I did. Losing my baby was the most traumatic...thing that I've ever gone through." Judith's voice cracked slightly as she remembered the pain that was still etched in her heart. "But I've been remembering. Gradually, it's all been coming back to me."

"It has?" Burt Lamont asked with a mixture of shock and interest. "Well, that's good! Now, maybe you can finally put all of it in the past and move on." He paused and eyed her with great interest. "So, tell us. Tell us exactly what happened that night. How did it happen? Why did you fall?"

"Why did I fall?" She repeated his question in a voice laced with ice. "Why don't you ask Janet. After all, she was there."

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