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Today's episode, #133, is now posted.

an excerpt:

"So, how's Jillian enjoying Hawaii?" Francis Callison asked as she held the telephone receiver to her ear. "Good. Was she surprised? Wonderful! I told you she would be."

"Darling, hand me my briefcase," Charles Callison said as he came down the stairs. "I'm running late for the office."

"Honey, it's Reginald on the phone from Hawaii," she explained as she handed the briefcase to him.

"Did he call you or did you call him?" He stood with has hands on his hips and eyed his wife suspiciously. "I told you that the last thing those two lovebirds need on their honeymoon is an overeager mother calling them 'round the clock."

"I'll have you know that he phoned me," she smiled with a hint of smugness. "Oh, yes dear?" Her attention returned to the telephone conversation with her son. "No, it's your father. He thinks I'm being too meddlesome. Now, you see, that's exactly what I told him!"

"Give them my best." Charles leaned in and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek. "And we'll talk to them after they get back."

"Okay, honey, I'm letting you go," she continued into the phone. "I love you, too." After hanging up the telephone, she turned her full attention to her husband. "I thought you said you were running late?"

"I'm just leaving." He paused and eyed her with concern. "Now, once those two come home and get settled into the house, I don't want you over there every moment of the day. They need time alone to get used to married life."

"Me?" Her hand flew up to her chest with mock surprise. "You sound almost like you think I'm going to be one of those interfering mothers-in-law."

"Well, I know how you are about your children." Charles grinned as he opening the door, nearly colliding with his own mother-in-law who was preparing to ring the doorbell on the other side.

"Now, how's that for a prompt greeting!" Mary Albany laughed as she walked into the house.

"Mother, come in!" Francis smiled. "Let me have Hannah get you some coffee."

"Honey, I can't stay," Mary explained as she looked from Charles to her daughter. "In fact, I've actually come to say 'good bye.'"

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