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WEEKLY: Bo and Hope have been moving toward reconciliation for several weeks. How do they make it official?

RECKELL: They finally consummate it!

WEEKLY: Carly has gone off the rails since her breakup with Bo. Does Bo think he's been rough on her?

RECKELL: The circumstances were very difficult. I think it will come up a few more times. Bo and Carly will bump into each other and he'll basically say, 'Let's try to with this out,' but Carly's off in her own storyline.

WEEKLY: You have great on-screen chemistry with both Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell. Do you think that's one of the reasons they brought Crystal back?

RECKELL: Breaking up Bo and Hope is a difficult thing to do. To bring Carly on -- a character that Bo was deeply in love with at a time when he thought Hope was dead -- was perfect, because Bo's obviously going to have strong feelings for this woman. Carly's return was also at a time when Bo and Hope were having issues. Turning to that relationship was a little easier, because Bo wasn't developing a relationship with someone new. This was a person whom he loved and trusted and had history with.

WEEKLY: You and John Aniston also have a great on-camera rapport. Would you like to see more scenes between Victor and Bo?

RECKELL: Yes, I've always enjoyed the family relationships. From the very beginning, when Bo first came on the show, the most important relationship for the character was with his brother Roman, and the triangle between Roman, Bo and their father. They were brothers fighting for their father's love. There are also the sisters and their mom. Most of my Emmy reels have been scenes with Peggy McCay.

WEEKLY: When there are lulls in your story, is it a pattern that you're used to?

RECKELL: It's something that you have to get used to. I really didn't have to for a long time. When I came back to the show in 1990, for a two year stint, I had to put it in my contract not to work more than four days a week because I was getting burnt out. I remember Al Rabin saying to me, "We have never worked anyone as much as we work you." I was young, dumb, and innocent. Back then, my attitude was, "Yeah, let's work!" But now I have a family and things have worked out, because when I'm not at the studio, I spend time with my wife and baby, and we have a great time together.

WEEKLY: The fans are anxious to see a new story for Bo and Hope.

RECKELL: They've been extremely patient. Gary Tomlin came to both Kristian and I recently and said, "You guys are gonna be on board this summer, so be prepared. If you have time off now, take advantage of it, because you're not going to have alot of time this summer." I'm hoping our fans are patient. Our stuff doesn't really start until the end of May Sweeps.

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